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bbq our way 

takes time

Good food takes time. Great BBQ takes its sweet time. Outdoor temperatures and humidity affect timing and flavor.

special events, pop-ups

 & catering

We cook 
you eat
come & enjoy
Traditional bbq with a Modern
"people who love to eat
are always
the best people."
Serving only the foods we love
We do not have a store front.
We are a catering and onsite/ special events food service, for now. We apologize to all those who crave our food daily.
Best way to catch us on the fly is to follow us on fb and find us on location.  
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enjoy your cigar when you visit us on site

i smoke cigars.

message from the owner

You can only turn down your friends so many times before they give you an ultimatum. "Make us more ribs or we pay your children for the recipe." Well, my kids define loyalty but they nag like no other. opportunity knocked and I answered. 

Our story begins in our backyard



Texas Made


Try it. love it. crave it.

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Hint: it's also the best way to catch us aND KNOW WHAT FOOD WE WILL BRING!